What We Do

My first customers car, a 1978 Camaro

My second customers car, a 1978 Corvette… And yes it is purple









Hi, my name is Sam. I have been rebuilding engines since 2016. I have tore down several small block chevys and rebuilt a few as you can see. I love what I do as a hobbie and hope to do it for a living one day.

When I say “We” I am referring to my Dad and I. lets just say… he knows what he’s doing. He helps me with basically stuff I’m not able to do. Such as Driving to the machine shop, Moving very heavy things, ordering parts and things like that. If you told me to tear down a small block right now I guarantee I could do it by myself (keep in mind I’m only 13). So… yeah I know what I’m doing

Anyways, I’ve sold 3 engines and counting. One went into a 1978 Camaro, another in a 1978 Corvette, and one (almost) in a 1955 Chevy 2 door.Look at it this way when those cars came out of the factory, (lets all be honest) they were slow. Now they all have more than double factory horsepower (Google it). That’s basically our goal though, to improve performance. In other words to put a smile on a customers face. -Sam

If you are interested in a Build

  1. Contact us with what you are looking for

  2. We will send you some different setups

  3. You let us know what you choose

  4. We will gladly deliver it to you (when completed)