Engine #4

This build was requested by a customer who was looking to put a little more horsepower under the hood of his Corvette. He wanted something with a little pep, but he wanted something that would be reliable to drive to work and back every day. We started with a donor 350 Chevy 4-bolt main engine, and Sam disassembled it, cleaned it up and sent it to the machine shop. The block got the cylinders bored to 0.030 and new cam bearings and freeze plugs installed. Then Sam installed the new Comp Cams High Energy cam and lifters, with a new bottom end (Keith Black hypereutectic pistons, Eagle forged rods, and a Scat crank). The compression ratio is about 9 to 1. The heads were completely stripped down, cleaned, valves checked and lapped, new valve seals, and matching Comp Cams valve springs installed. We topped off the engine with the intake and carb already in the vette. It’s a great sounding project.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I51snoROFYA[/embedyt]



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